Food & Drink

Food & Drink

There is a great variety of food and drink in Bulgaria from local speciality dishes to other European Cuisine. Most traditional dishes are oven baked, steamed or slow cooked as a stew. Grilling is very common. BBQ'd skewers of port or chicken are a popular dish particularly with children.


At a traditional Bulgarian meal you will find lots of salads served on their own rather than as accompaniments to a meal.

A very popular ingredient in Bulgarian cuisine is the Bulgarian white brine cheese called "sirene" (сирене). It is the main ingredient in many salads, as well as in a variety of pastries. Fish and chicken are widely eaten and while beef is less common as most cattle are bred for milk production rather than meat, veal is a natural by product of this process and it is found in many popular recipes.

In Pamporovo you will find most restaurants have an English menu and cater well for children (even those of the faddy variety) and it is easy to find pizza, chips and other such essentials.


Based on personal experiences and also guest feedback we have selected a few places that are worth a mention. Please click on the links below to see our reviews.

In The Town  and On the Slopes


Skewer - normally pork or chicken.

Traditional Bulgarian Dishes

Monkey Brains (not entirely traditional....)